Our Group consists of two mother holdings: Cuckoo Company en BioClin. Cuckoo Company mainly focuses on the development and supply of innovative industrial products in metal and synthetic material. BioClin focuses on health preparatives, products for personal care and medical aids.

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1 Cuckoo Company
Cuckoo Company is a leading company in the area of product innovation in the Netherlands. We develop product improvements and innovations in commission of or in cooperation with our clients. Whether it is a relatively simple component, a composed article or a complex new system, you can count on us.
2 Tube Trainer
There are many different products and sets of apparatus for the training of muscles but almost nothing has been specially designed for improving the strength of the connective tissue, even though it is precisely this that causes many medical ailments. The Xco-Trainer has been specially designed to strengthen the connective tissue. This will reduce your susceptibility to injury, improve your performance and optimize your body’s natural healing process.
3 Save Wave
SaveWave is a small and dynamic Dutch company specialised in the development of ecologically sustainable solutions to problems in the world's oceans. These problems can occur when fishermen and sea animals interact. Every year many thousands of dolphins, porpoises, tortoises and seabirds die a cruel death in fishing gear. These beautiful animals are not a fishing target but they end up as by-catch. Due to this by-catch, a large number of animal species is threatened with extinction. Our mission is to save these beautiful animals with solutions that are attractive for the fishermen.
4 BioClin
BioClin is a Dutch company that was founded in 1989 in the city of Delft by Annelize Goedbloed and Floris Koumans. The basis of the company is the bio-active concept. This is an innovative direction in (para)pharmaceutical product- development, personal care products and remedies. The bio-active concept is aimed at substances that stimulate, activate and support the natural repair mechanism of the ectodermal tissue (skin and mucosa) resulting in a faster and better healing process, without adverse effects. The bio-active substances, polysaccharides, are derived from plants.
5 2QR
Bacteria are all around, in and on us. They are a part of our life. There are some good bacteria that we cannot live without and there are bad ones that can cause problems. Mostly all is fine as long as there is a natural balance and the bad bacteria do not start overgrowing and invade us. If they do, then all sorts of things may happen. Firstly, bacterial overgrowth can cause discomforts such as a bad breath or smelly feet. But they can also make us sick and cause infections. They can even kill us. 2QR (pronounce: to cure) is a real break-through. A completely new approach to solve bacterial problems. It is entirely natural and derived from medicinal plants by a unique process of molecular filtration. Since 2QR is not based on the ANTI principle it offers an alternative to antiseptics and antibiotics.