What we can offer

We have over 20 years of experience in growing and processing Aloe to the highest standard possible.
Aloe which has grown and processed through our supplied hardware/machinery is being used as main
ingredients for drinks, cosmetics, self care and medical products worldwide.

We advise and supply machinery needed for the production of Aloe. This can range from a single machine
like the AGS or advice report & training, to a turnkey Aloe production plant.

Turnkey means that we advise on all aspects from growing aloe till processing stabilized Aloe extract.
Advise reports for aloe processingWe will supply all hardware from basins for cleaning the leaves, AGS machines, pumps, filtration units till
storage tanks.

We have the following advice reports & training:

  • plantation (planting, irrigation, fertilizing and plot management)
  • factory building plan (layout, size, connections, etc)
  • hardware/machinery (materials, capacity, production-output, etc.)
  • production protocol (standard operating procedures)
  • hygiene protocol
  • personnel protocol
  • environmental protocol

We supply the following hardware / machinery:

Ultra Filtration machine

  • harvesting, preparing and dripping the leaves (soaking tanks, leaf dripping units, cutting tables, etc.)
  • extracting gel from skin (AGS machine)
  • pasteurization (stainless steel tanks)
  • filtration (3 step filtration from rough till fine)
  • storage tanks (stainless steel storage tank volume between 500 – 10.000 liters per tank)
  • concentration (Ultra Filtration, spray- and freeze dry)
  • miscellaneous (QC lab equipment, pumps, food grade hoses, connections, etc)

Inform us about your specific requirements and we will make you a tailor made plan.