Product specification

Aloe Gel Separator – Specifications

The purpose of the Aloe Gel Separator (AGS) machine is to process Aloe Vera leaves and separate
the gel from the leaves in the most e­ffective and efficient way. The Aloe Gel Separator is highly
durable and reliable, constructed in stainless steel and consisting of first class components such as
Toshiba electronics.
The AGS can be adapted to specific needs like voltage and connections. All crucial parts
of the machine are fully adjustable to suit leaf specifics. The AGS is designed and produced in
The Netherlands. The machine has been used, redesigned and adapted in our fully owned Aloe plantation
in Curacao and South Africa, and also in our third-party plantation in Bali. It is the most efficient, state of the art Aloe processing machine
resulting from years of research and development with several innovative companies.

AGS – Production Specifications

  • Maximum number of processed leaves per hour 3.600
  • Practical number of processed leaves per hour 1.800
  • Maximum gel yield per leaf 67% more
  • 43% more then regular machine filleting

AGS – Main Dimensions

  • Width: 1250mm
  • Depth: 800mm
  • Height: 1400mm

AGS – Working Principles

For clarity the AGS below is without caps and hand protection safety intake shield.

Aloe Gel Separator - working principles