Company background

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Cuckoo Company is a division of the Dutch Orange Pearl Innovation Group and a leading company in the area of product
innovation in the Netherlands.

In the Cuckoo Company we realize your product innovations and improvements, using our unique working methodology
and more than 15 year of experience with the best and most efficient production methodologies and locations in the world.

An important added value is our capability to connect our in-house industrial design capabilities with production and supply.

Our Mission:

·         We innovate and improve products AND we arrange the cost effective production and supply of these products

·         We provide these services for industry oriented SMB companies with existing products and markets

The Aloe Gel Separator machine was initially developed by the Cuckoo Company for BioClin, another division in the Orange
Pearl Group. The machine is used in our fully owned and in third party Aloe plantations for efficient harvesting of the Aloe
gel, the key component of the BioClin products. It is the most efficient and fastest Aloe processing machine and the
result of years of research en development with several innovative companies.