Aloe extract

Aloe extract is harvested from the gel of the Aloe Vera leaves. When this gel is processed, a watery, clear fluid
with a light amber colour comes out, the aloe extract or juice .

Pure Aloe Vera extract consists of 95% water and 5% active components, of which polysaccharides, especially
polymannose, determines the quality of the Aloe extract. The further the extract has been concentrated and
filtered (removal of water), the higher the level of polysaccharides. The client has the possibility to dilute the
Aloe Vera extract to the desired concentration of the active substance. The skin of the Aloe leaves contains a
very different substance as well, namely the bitter and yellow coloured aloin. Before final production, the aloin
needs to be separated from the Aloe Gel.

The quality and the percentage of the extract in the final product are the deciding factor for the effectiveness of
Aloe Vera. The quality of the extract is determined by species, growing circumstances (climate, amount of water,
fertilization), time of harvest, extraction process and the stabilization process.