The essence of Cuckoo Company lies in realising innovations. The approach and working method we use is essentially
the same; whether it is a new medical aid or an industrial component, whether it is a new machine or a device to
save dolphins. Apparently, we do alright because our companies regularly receive a commendation:


Innovation award at the Miami boat show 2009

Award for the most innovative product for the EasyTank

AquaCulture Shield Certificate for Biodiversity 2009

Award by the Dutch ministry of agriculture and sustainability for the development
of improved sustainability of fish farms.

ABN AMRO Jan Huygen van Linschoten Award 2006

Greatest award for innovative international enterprising.
BioClin runner-up.

ID-NL Innovation Award 2005

Innovation of the year in the Netherlands.
Cuckoo Company with Bob-Up, runner-up in the category Humans and Environment

Innovation Award Dutch Antilles 2004

CurAloe NV winner with her Aloe process installations.

ID-NL Innovation Award 2003

Innovation of the year in the Netherlands.
Tube Trainer Ltd, winner in the category Humans and Environment.

Dutch Design Award 2003

Award for Industrial Design.
Cuckoo Company honourable recommendation.

Herman Wijffels Innovation Award 2002

Greatest award for sustainable and innovative enterprising.
Cuckoo Company nominated for the final ten.

ID-NL Innovation Award 2002

Innovation of the year in the Netherlands.
2QR Research finished in the top 3 in the category Medical Innovations

National Future Award 2001

Award for valuable initiative for the future.
SaveWave runner-up with the Dolphin Saver