Aloe Gel Separator - the most efficient Aloe processing machine

Aloe quality improvement – minimum manual labour – only inner filleting (no whole leaf ) – high speed production

The Aloe Gel Separator (AGS) is a newly developed and engineered machine for the extraction of Aloe Vera gel.
After succesfull use of the AGS machines in our Aloe production locations in Curacao, South Africa and Bali,
we decided to make the AGS machine available to other Aloe Vera processing plants. We are convinced this is the most 
efficient method and machine for the extraction of Aloe gel from its leaf.

The key advantages:

  • a higher yield per aloe leaf
  • very efficiënt and fast Aloe processing
  • only 1 operator per machine, greatly reducing manual labour
  • strong reduction of contamination risks
  • no additional machines or equipment (such as tumbler or shredder) required
  • higher concentration of solids and polysaccharides
  • absence of anthraquinones and aloin