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"El AGS se ha convertido en una parte esencial de nuestro proceso de producción de aloe. El proceso es más eficiente, más rápido y una garantía para una alta calidad del extracto de aloe ".

Plantación de Aloe Vera Curacao - Ecociudad Proyectos Inc. El Sr. M. Malan - Director


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Cuckoo Company is a leading Dutch company in the field of realizing substainable and successful Aloe Vera processing plants.

We have over 20 years experience in growing and processing Aloe Vera to the highest standard possible. Aloe which has grown and then processed through our supplied hardware is being used as a main ingredient for drinks, cosmetics, self care and medical products worldwide.

We advise and supply hardware for the production of stabilized Aloe extract. This can range from a single machine like the, in-house engineered, Aloe Gel Separator (AGS) or advice report & training, to realizing turnkey Aloe processing plants.

We have realized turnkey Aloe processing plants in Bali, Malaysia, Curacao and South Africa. The Curacao and South Africa plantation and processing plant are fully owned.

Cuckoo Company has three disciplines:

  • advise plantations and processing plants through advice reports & training
  • supply of the most efficiënt Aloe Gel Separator (AGS) machine
  • realizing turnkey Aloe Vera processing plants

We would like to make you successful in growing and processing Aloe Vera to the highest standard.



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